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Country Music


Popular Old Country Songs

Old country songs may be long in the years, but they remain fresh as ever to those who enjoy them. You may fall in love with an old country song as soon as you hear the classic melody, the heart wrenching lyrics or simply the story told within them. These old country songs are particularly moving, which explains their popularity....(more)

The Best Romantic Country Music Love Songs

Nothing is more romantic than one of the best country love songs. While country music puts out songs with a variety of themes, its love songs are among the best in all of music. If you are looking to send a romantic song to that special someone or just wanting to get in the romantic mood, check out some of the best country love songs in this list....(more)

Fabulous Country Music Breakup Songs

When relationships end, turning to music is just one way to drown your sorrows. No matter what style of music you prefer, country music always has a song that fits your needs. The different style of country music lend to an extensive array of choices for your listening desires. Here a just a few of some fantastic breakup songs performed by country music artists....(more)

Famous Old Country Music Songs

Whether you enjoy modern country music or not, old country music can have a place in your heart. Much of this genre comes from a place of longing or mourning that many newer songs simply lack. Try listening to a few old country music songs to see if you identify with their heartfelt meanings....(more)

Record Labels

The Coolest Country CD Covers of All Time

When describing country music, the average person probably doesn't think "cool." Big hair and cowboy wear aren't exactly edgy. To find cool in country, look no further than the artists who stay true to the genre's heritage. The following country CD covers embody the down-to-earth cool of country music....(more)

The Largest Country Music Record Labels

Country music is one of the most popular genres of music. The music talks about issues to which most people relate. As a result of its appeal and profitability, there are many country music labels. Here are some of the largest country music labels....(more)


Country Stars Who Wed in 2013

Quite a few country singers tied the knot in 2013. Here's a look back at the year in country weddings. ...(more)

From the Stage to the Kitchen: Country Singers Who Have Cooking Shows

A handful of country singers have proven their skills extend beyond the stage. Here's a look at country singers who have their own cooking shows. ...(more)

Is Justin Timberlake Plotting a Career in Country Music?

Could the current King of Pop be plotting a move to Nashville and a country music album? Find out! ...(more)

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